Learn Chinese for Kids


Learn Chinese for kids is a series of teaching materials for children, it is aimed at oversea children to learn Chinese. It focuses on parent-child interaction at home. It is suitable for overseas children in the age of 3-6.

Hello! 華語
Hello, Huayu!


Hello, Huayu! is a set of Chinese textbooks for K-6 Chinese beginners. It uses picture style to show real-life situations and attract children’s attention. Combined with the practical conversation in Chinese that can be practiced right after each lesson, students no longer feel drawn back from learning a new language.

中文妙方(Chinese CUBES)學習教具

運用字本位與擴增實境等學習理論,配合漢字特點,收錄200個常用漢字,結合社交溝通、食衣住行、教育文化、休閒娛樂等內容,使學習者以遊戲方式學習漢字及華語生活溝通語言。本教材獲得2013年度全球「溝通媒介設計大獎」(iF Design Award)、2013 AEP Innovation Awards 創新大獎、2013Red Dot Design Award(設計大獎)。

ChineseCUBES is an entertaining and effective learning program suited for the 21st century. Utilizing new concepts, approaches, and Augmented Reality (AR) technology, ChineseCUBES creates a never-before-seen multi-sensory learning experience. ChineseCUBES breaks through the limitations of traditional printed teaching materials by implementing a "characters into words" teaching method. As a language learner, you don't need to be intimidated by the thousands of Chinese characters there are to learn in the Chinese language. With ChineseCUBES, you will only need to learn 200 characters to obtain a basic yet strong foundation in the language. 

Chinese Adventure A1


Taiwan's first A1 online Chinese course developed for beginners in accordance with the CEFR, with a total of 10 lessons.

Chinese Culture Teaching Materials: National Palace Museum

以故宮文物介紹之文化內容,結合華語生活對話,開發符合CEFR能力指標之A2(初級)、B1(中級) 的華語文化教材。教材內容涵蓋日常生活食、衣、住、行、育、樂等各式主題。

This material outlines the topics of culture c1asses based on the digital archives of National Palace Museum. It is anticipated that the integration of language and culture learning will help overseas learners have a better understanding of the charm of Chinese language culture and the richness of the National Palace Museum collection.

Learner's Mandarin Chinese Dictionary for Beginner Level


The objective of the Dictionary is to enhance Chinese learning with focus on basic vocabulary needed in daily situations, and to further develop higher-level Chinese learning skills.

3D 生活華語
3D Life Chinese

有鑑於互動式 3D 情境教學系統 (Second Classroom) 應用於語言教學的獨特性,由資策會創新應用服務研究所設計平臺場景,本系師生針對各式場景研擬相關教材。目前已出版三冊,每冊各有十二個單元。

This book selects twelve common situations to compile dialogues, and also includes Pinyin and Zhuyin in each lesson, hoping to help learners use everyday language more accurately.

Chinesisch Einmal Ganzanders (German)


Chinese with a difference - a multimedia textbook for the elementary level is aimed at students of Chinese at universities without prior knowledge. The textbook contains - in addition to German notes and the transcription Hanyu Pinyin - only traditional Chinese characters (traditional Chinese characters).

觀光臺灣-每日一句 (線上華語學習教材)
Daily Sentence in Taiwan (Website)

為臺灣華語數位學院第一個線上華語學習教材。學習內容共 600 則,除依學習者程度區分為初級、中級、高級等三級,並依學習情境分為飲食衣著、觀光旅遊、社會關懷、校園生活、風俗禮儀,及多元文化等六大類,每類各100則。

This website is to provide resources for students. It helps students to review and practice Mandarin easily at home.

我也繪漢字/漢字積木-字本位學習法 I~III冊
Learning Chinese Characters with Drawings


The book features the new revolutionary "Key-image Pictures" learning strategy, which is unique in that one and the same picture helps students to memorize both the character shape and its meaning, and unlike traditional Chinese learning textbooks, its efficiency has been proved by research.